Cash registers stolen from Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store


Jordan Independent:

Halloween is usually an exciting and profitable day for Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store, but it was a downer for Jordan’s big yellow candy barn this year.

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store was burglarized at about 4 a.m. on Oct. 31, according to owner Robert Wagner, who said burglars gained entry and stole three cash registers. The amount of cash in the registers was intentionally kept to a minimum, Wagner said, after he was tipped off by the owners of Action Packed Paintball, a nearby business that was burglarized six days earlier.

Action Packed Paintball co-owner Dave La Belle said the suspects cut telephone and cable lines at his business before breaking windows to gain entry. La Belle said the company’s valuables were locked tight and nothing was stolen.

The break in at Action Packed Paintball led Wagner to take precautionary measures at the candy store.

“I left the outside lights on, I did a good job of locking up, we emptied out the cash registers to the degree possible and I made sure I did a good job setting the alarm,” he said.

Wagner said the suspects parked directly in front of the store, under lights, during the break in.

“The criminals were very brazen, they did it at 4 o’clock in the morning,” Wagner said. “The sheriff’s deputies said that is not a real good time to do a break-in because the traffic on Highway 169 is starting to pick up at that time.”

Three days later, Wagner received word that a candy store vendor couldn’t find a box truck they left parked at the candy store. Upon inspection, Wagner discovered the box truck and a pickup owned by the candy store were missing.

In regards to the stolen registers, Wagner said they aren’t of high value, but replacements could cost upwards of $1,000 each. He’s hoping they’ll be discarded and retrieved.


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