DRS All Decade Team Show


1 (M) Dan Novak New Prague
2 (E) Nate Rost, New Market
3 (A) Seth Ambroz St Patrick
4,.(G) Austin Bachman New Prague
5. (M) Johny Krocak Montgomery
6. (E) Matt Lane Faribault
7. (A) TJ Evanson Elko
8. (G) Joey Grote Faribault
9 (M) Jeremy Heitkmap St B
10 (E) Nathan Sprouls (NP)
11 (A) Tanner Oakes (St B)
12 (G) Eric Bisek (UH)
13 (M) Jesse Bastyr (UH)
14 (E) Mathew Pexa (St P)
15 (A) Matt Ambroz (St P)
16 (G) Ben Morrison (PL)
17 (M) Dylan Thomas (E)
18 (e) Josh Simon (St Patrick)
19 (A) Kyle Bergstrom (NM)
20 (G) Zak Hoffmann (Shak)
21 (M) Matt Perkinson (Ves)
22 (E) Justin Novak (NP)
23 (A) Scott Lyden (NM)
24 (G) Derek Bergstrom (NM)
25 (M) Andy Henkemeyer (NM)
26 (E) Billy Dunker (St P)
27 (A) Jeremy Weiland (Webster)
28 (G) Daniel Fenis (UH)
29 (D) Cole Bjorge (PL)
30 (E) Kevin Kalina (L)
Manager of the Decade: Todd Bergstrom (NM)
Assistant Manager: Monte Hennen (StP) 3 rd base coach John Johnson
(St.P) 1 st Base Coach Jerry Plambeck (NP)

Player of the Decade: Nate Rost of New Market
Mr Hustle: Dan Novak of New Prague
Gold Glove Decade Winners:
-From Union Hill, Jesse Bastyr, Brian Lindner, and Eric Bisek; Mathew
Pexa of St. Patrick, and Jeremy Heitkamp of St. Benedict


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