St. Peter Herald:

Two Cleveland men, one St. Peter man, and one Kasota man were dealt varying charges, stemming from a robbery in summer 2018.

Devan Douglas Leonard-Baumann, 21, of St. Peter, Gerardo Elias Martinez Jr, 24, of Cleveland, Juan Jamie Martinez, 20, of Cleveland, and Juan Jamie (Jimmy) Martinez, 24, of Kasota, were charged in June related to an alleged burglary at a home in St. Peter near the Nicollet County Government Center.

According to the complaint, the victim was at his home when he heard a knock at the side door. He did not recognize the person and did not answer. When he heard the door knob rattle, he opened the door, and one of the men allegedly proceeded to push his head against the wall, allowing two others to enter. The victim said the two males went through the house, and then all three ran out toward the Nicollet County Courthouse.

Several months later, one of the witnesses received Facebook messages from Juan Martinez, who reportedly confessed and apologized for the incident. The witness took the messages to the police. In an interview at his home, Juan Martinez admitted that he drove the other three defendants to the home, while he stayed in the car. He indicated that Leonard-Baumann had told the other three defendants that they were just going to the home to get marijuana.

Leonard-Baumann later admitted that it was his idea to go to the home.


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