Jordan Flood Press Release


Jordan Public Works and S.M. Hentges & Sons, Inc using heavy equipment have continued to work all day removing more of the dammed ice from the Sand Creek on the north side of Valley Green Park. They have been successful in clearing all ice from the west side of Syndicate St. bridge and in creating a clearing for water to flow adequately around the ice jam on the east side of the bridge and on the north side of Valley Green Park allowing the water to disperse out into the wetland. In the past hour the water levels behind Valley Green Park have dropped approximately 1 foot.

Crews continue to work to further open up the ice jam. If conditions and water level
improvements stay steady, we are cautiously optimistic that Jordan Public Works may perhaps begin to pump flood water out of Valley Green Park tomorrow morning.
With that said, the Sand Creek conditions are still unpredictable given the severity and size of the ice jam, warmer weather, and additional snow melt predicted entering the watershed system throughout this week and into next week. Conditions may still hazardous and can change quickly. Residents in flood impacted or flood prone areas of Jordan should take necessary precautions to ensure their own safety.

The Jordan Police Department will release updated relevant information as it becomes available.


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