Minnesota Military Radio


Saturday mornings 6 a.m. – 7 a.m.


With nearly 370,000 veterans and tens of thousands of guard and reserve troops, Minnesota is a state committed to supporting our friends and neighbors who serve and their families. Minnesota Military Radio is a reflection of that commitment.

With a team of producers from the Minnesota National Guard, Department of Veterans Affairs, and Minneapolis V.A., volunteer host and Vietnam veteran Tom Lyons strives to inform and entertain listeners in this weekly syndicated radio show and podcast.

Through captivating, historic interviews with veterans of all eras, we also endeavor to preserve their stories of heroism before they are forgotten.

About UsOn a Station Near You
Twin Cities News Talk and iHeart Media Minneapolis generously donate studio and staff time, technical expertise and the equipment needed to produce the show both in-studio and live from more than 6,700 miles away with members of our armed forces deployed to the Middle-East. Even with this considerable investment, iHeart Media Minneapolis continues to offer the show free of charge to stations throughout Minnesota. Please feel free to listen to our demo, take a look at our clockone sheeter and contact us to find out more. You may be surprised to know how many veterans are in your area.


We thrive off your ideas! If you know a story that needs to be told, please let us know. If we aren’t on your favorite radio station yet, ask to get the show. It’s free!


We are the proud recipients many honors from both the broadcast and military communities.


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