In a previous interview, Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer gives us an insight to his life while replying the Internet questions!
Among other matters, we are told by Solskjaer what football team he supported as a boy friend and where he is out of Norway, what his hobbies are.
He also talks about being awarded the Order of St. Olav in the King of Norway, that which he thinks of his former manager Sir Alex Ferguson and exactly his favourite aim is and its not the one you might have anticipated.
He goes on to talk about that famous target in 1998 stating it cost him the experience of enjoying an additional 30 minutes at a Champions League final.
When youre in the moment and youre there youre just so focused because we are so fine-tuned as professional athletes, so you have got to be more focused on your work, he told Sky Sports.
You cannot consider the size of the event. And for me personally, the aim in the Champions League final its something that you dream of but when it was scored by me you were just in the moment. Its not as you can describe.
Were so focused, and it destroyed my dream of enjoying an additional half an hour at a Champions League last because when Teddy (Sheringham) equalised I thought:Wow, those 30 minutes of extra time will make me a much better participant
But I felt that the goal and it didnt make me a better player. Playing 30 minutes extra at a Champions league final would have been great experience for me personally but Id rather spend the goal.
Plus, he reveals his love of old school songs, his wrestling career from Norway along with his Hollywood-style sign in Kristiansund!
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