Shakopee middle school sports canceled; coaches take pay cut


SHAKOPEE (swnewsmedia/shakopeevalleynews) – With schools closed across the state, Shakopee Public Schools has made changes to athletics in the district that affect both athletes and coaches.

The school district has canceled all middle school sports for this school year and the district’s spring coaches will have salaries reduced if there isn’t a spring season.

Shakopee Superintendent Mike Redmond announced the decision to all district coaches, directors and advisers in an email obtained by the Shakopee Valley News.

In that email, Redmond said: “Our primary services have become providing distance learning, district-wide food distribution, and care for the children of essential employees. There are also expectations for keeping facilities safe and clean and effectively continuing the core operations of our district (financial, tech, etc.). Unfortunately, our services from March 18 through at least May 1 no longer include co-curricular activities and athletics.”

He continued, “In response to this unique and very challenging situation, leaders in the school district have developed a plan of action. I’m very appreciative of the collaborative input from Keith Gray, Matt Hanson, Dale Anderson, John Janke, and Bill Menozzi on this matter. The goals of this plan of action are to treat each of our coaches, directors, and advisors fairly and to find an appropriate balance between compensation for services rendered and expectations for providing/receiving such compensation. Further complicating the situation is the reality that much of the funding for our co-curricular programs is fee-based, and currently this revenue stream remains in a state of limbo. Finding such balance is a complex task, one in which services rendered include not only the actual coaching/advising in tryouts, practices, etc., but also include preparation, planning, and in some cases distance learning and support to students during the shutdown period.”

In that email, Redmond outlined how the coach salaries will be distributed this spring.

  • Middle School Athletics: The season is canceled. Middle school coaches will receive a payment of 25% of their total coaching stipends on the April 10 paycheck. This will be the only payment to middle school coaches.

High School Athletics: The season is suspended through at least May 1. Compensation for high school coaches will be as follows:

Start of Season through May 1:

  • Varsity head coaches will be paid 50% of total stipend (25% on April 10 and 25% on April 24).
  • Non-head coaches will be paid 37.5% of total stipend (25% on April 10 and 12.5% on April 24).

May 4 and beyond:

If activity resumes and runs to completion, coaches will receive full compensation.

Middle school and high school activities: divided into year-long and spring activities

  • Year-long activity advisers and directors (e.g. NHS, Ensembles, Yearbook, etc.): compensation will continue as planned with full payment. The goal is to transfer these activities, if possible, to some type of distance learning format.
  • Spring activities advisers and directors (Spring Play, Prom, HOSA, and concession manager): compensation will be calculated as shown below for advisers and directors in acknowledgment of their specific time and work through May 1.
  • Spring play director and assistant director: 50% of total stipend (25% on April 10 and 25% on April 24).
  • Spring play technical director: 37.5% of total stipend (25% on April 10 and 12.5% on April 24).
  • Prom adviser: 75%  of total stipend (25% on April 10, 25% on April 24, and 25% on May 8).
  • HOSA: 100% of total stipend (as previously scheduled).
  • Concession manager: 25% of total stipend (25% on April 10).

If activity resumes and runs to completion, directors and advisers will receive full compensation.

If the activity is canceled, there will be no additional payments.

“The reducing of salaries is extremely difficult in the fact that we value our coaches so much and appreciate everything they do for our students, families and our community,” Shakopee activities director Matt Hanson said. “However, our district’s financial situation really dictated what we could offer coaches.”

Middle school

As for as middle school sports for this spring, the school district announced it has canceled all sports for the spring season.

“Middle school cancellation was two-fold,” Shakopee activities director Matt Hansen said. “The earliest the middle school season could start would be May 5 per the Governor’s order and we typically end the season on the second full week which is Friday, May 15. There is no way to have our students practice and then play games in a 10-day span.”

He continued, “at the time we made the decision Farmington, Prior Lake and New Prague had already canceled their middle school seasons. Once we announced our cancellation, both Mankato schools and Northfield announced their season were canceled as well. That is basically our entire middle school schedule, even if we wanted to play a season, we wouldn’t have had opponents to play.”

Refunds will be processed automatically for those who are registered, a release from the district said. Nothing needs to be done by parents or athletes to receive a refund unless contacted by the district.


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