KCHK/Evolution Shirts Cross Country Coozie Contest


Post your pics to our Facebook page, send them via email to tomg@kchkradio.net or text the Kubes Furniture and Flooring Text line 952-758-2571

Now accepting submissions for November!

Fun Laura and Michael of Cal’s market.
Duane Picha
 Big Don Edberg here from Belle Plaine MN, Bobby Kahle was so kind to pick me up one of can Koosies, so I could use it for afternoon break.
S/SGT Pavek Aug 1951. My Poppa. Roger Pavek Ambassador#4
Wow  –  Zeke mowing in November and 74 degrees … Safest place on earth
Look what I found hiding in my house- 5 football kchk glasses and 4 mugs from years ago. Dolly Kabes
Ladies night out in Hendy. Susan Bessel 
The “Singing Cowgirl” getting ready to go on the outdoor stage
Chase Dvorak completed his garbage route on Halloween ! Featherhead Frieda
The Quack Shack will be warm this winter ! # Featherhead Frieda
Lori Wooten at bingo. Jane Oestreich Keep Smiling
Duane Picha
Duane Picha
Duane Picha
Duane Picha
Duane Picha
Duane Picha
Bill Keech


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