Following a whirlwind offseason, the Los Angeles Clippers opened as the favorites to win on the 2020 NBA title. However, if you take a close have a look at the 2020 NBA Championship chances it’s the Lakers who’ve moved into the favorite’s character.
Which group is your best bet now?
Odds as of 12/08/2019.
After Kawhi Leonard made his decision to sign with the Clippers instead of the Lakers, the Purple and Gold had to move fast to round out their roster. The moves they’ve made are likely what has pushed them ahead concerning the gaming chances (although the Clippers are still preferred at +350 in BetOnline).
The Lakers picked up Danny Green, Quinn Cook, Troy Daniels, Jared Dudley, Avery Bradley and DeMarcus Cousins. They finally have a lineup of players that can set up around the arc, and that’s crucial. Given LeBron James’ capacity to break down guards, the cast needs to include perimeter shooting.
The signing up of Cousins was also a shrewd pickup, since he did not cost the group very far and still has a high upside. Cousins had an up and down year with the Warriors however is a former All-Star. As a cheap beginner or a seat guy who can step into start and give Anthony Davis nights away, this was a great pickup.
The obstacle with overhauling a roster is that we don’t know how the pieces will all fit together. Normally, it’s not something you worry about with James as he elevates the play of everyone around him. But that didn’t happen last year as the group collapsed.
It is very probable that James makes guys like Green, Bradley, Cousins, Rondo and Daniels enhance. At exactly the identical moment, when this team is your odds-on favorite, you’ve got to be thinking about the downside risk and there is some here.
In addition, don’t forget that there is an entirely new coaching team. That just increases the element of uncertainty. For all these reasons, I wouldn’t bet on this group to win it all. Not at this price.
The Clippers look like a much better bet to win it all as they have a lot more roster consistency. Not only is head coach Doc Rivers back, this is a team which brings rear Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams along with Montrezl Harrell, who had been the core of last year’s unit. Landry Shamet and Ivica Zubac also spent half of the season with the group.
Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are leading defensive players as well as Beverley, you simply know that this team will be a lock-down unit . Together with the Lakers, that side of this court makes you wonder.
Of both Los Angeles teams, I’d earlier wager the Clippers than the Lakers.
Two groups whom I enjoy are both in +800: both the Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers.
The Rockets have two MVP-caliber players Russell Westbrook along with James Harden. And don’t forgetthey almost beat the Golden State Warriors in every one of the last two years from the play with Chris Paul. How much better is it with Westbrook? They also made great motions, acquiring Austin Rivers and Tyson Chandler.
As for the 76ers, they’re a tiny wild card but in my head they have the very best starting lineup in the Eastern Conference. This is a group which was a basket away from beating the Toronto Raptors in Game 7 of the second round of the playoffs.
The Western Conference playoffs will be a gauntlet whereas the East is much simpler. Philadelphia may be great enough to beat whomever they confront, but with a much easier route to the final is essential to winning this prop. That is why I like Philadelphia at +800, Also.
Let us have fun and keep it civil.

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