Next step for 169/282 interchange project is funding


Jordan Independent:

Talk of restructuring the Highway 169, 282 and County Road 9 interchange has been around in Jordan for 20 years, while the interested parties — Jordan, Scott County and the Minnesota Department of Transportation — failed to reach an agreement.

That changed a little over one year ago, when the parties reached a consensus. Since then, engineering consultants from Kimley-Horn have been contracted to complete an environmental review and additional design study. As the environmental review wraps up, the firm’s vice president, Jon Horn, presented the Jordan City Council with a project update Tuesday night, including preliminary layouts and renders.

The preliminary concept will create an overpass above Highway 169, with a roundabout on the north side of the highway attached to County Road 9, and southbound 169 access ramps. North of the roundabout, County Road 9 will cross above the railroad tracks.

On the south side, there will be an exit ramp taking drivers from northbound Highway 169 to Highway 282 into Jordan, which will be a divided roadway up to the Creek Lane roundabout. Access to northbound Hwy 169 will not be available at the current intersection; rather, drivers will use current Creek Lane access point to enter 169.

Highway 169 interchange render
A render of the preliminary Highway 169/282 interchange concept, facing north over Highway 282.

“This concept alternative was one that between the three agencies they thought they could support,” Horn said.

Engineers found there to be potential for noise walls along Highway 169 in the area of Valley Green Park. The addition of a noise wall will ultimately be decided by residents of the area, however, as the parties follow a mandated balloting process that gives nearby property owners the authority to vote on whether or not to install a noise wall along the corridor.

“Those noise walls are not being limited to this design — those noise walls would be pretty much required for any alternative as a result of noise impacts in the area,” Horn said. “Quite honestly, the big reason they’re justified at this location is just the longterm projections in terms of traffic volume increases on Highway 169.”

The current project cost estimate is $33.4 million — up about $1.4 million from 2018 estimates. Horn said the increase is primarily due to additional design work for a sidewalk on Syndicate Street and geotechnical work to better plan bridge and road foundations. If residents vote to construct a noise wall along Highway 169, it could raise the project cost by an estimated $3.2 million.

What’s next?

Horn said the environmental review will be done by the end of January and sent out to the agencies for a comment period that lasts until March. The next process is to seek funding through the Met Council. Those applications are due in April.

“We’ll ultimately wrap up this process in the next three or four months, and then ultimately the project will sit and wait for funding,” Horn said.

MnDOT will host an informational open house meeting at the Jordan City Council Chambers on Thursday, Feb. 20 from 4:30-6 p.m.


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